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 There’s nothing like a live concert and RIVERJACK puts on a show that your guests will talk about for a long, long time!  These concerts are loads of fun, and a creative way to spend time with family, friends and neighbors.  Concerts make terrific annual fundraisers that everyone looks forward too, and other types of music are available as well!  Not in Connecticut?  We'll hook you up! 

It’s all pretty simple:  $600 goes to the band, and everything after that is profit for your organization.  We send all your advertising and tickets electronically, so all you have to do is print and distribute, and/or forward by email.  You decide the ticket price, so if tickets are $25 each, you only need 24 people in attendance to break even.  Everything after that is yours. 

Everyone loves a ‘bring your own snacks and beverages’ type of set up or you can raise even more money by having specialty food items available for sale.  If your group has a hall or large meeting place available, that is really all you need.  As an added fundraiser, we can offer our clothing options at the same time! 

The Band is also available for birthday parties and special events!

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