The Ribbon Line

What could be more meaningful than a custom shirt to honor someone you love?

Custom tees, denim, sweat and pique sport shirts embroidered (front left chest), and embroidered baseball hats, with a Cancer or Awareness Ribbon in any identifying color.  As an added touch and to further personalize each item, a name may be embroidered above the ribbon to honor a loved one or friend who has been affected by this devastating disease.  (Includes one line of personalization.  Each additional line is $5 - 3 lines total.  Hats, one line front and/or back.)  Also in the mix are Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Ribbon Pendants using Swarovski Crystals to represent the different causes.

When not already associated with another fundraiser, 20% of the proceeds from The Ribbon Line will benefit Cookies for Kids' Cancer whose mission is to raise awareness of and funds for pediatric cancer research.  FACT: (1) There has not been a new drug developed specifically for pediatric cancer treatment in nearly 20 years.  (2) The treatments most children receive today were created for adults and have not been proven truly safe for children.  (3) If children survive the initial treatments, they are often left with other life threatening conditions from the aggressive treatments intended to save them.
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thread used to embroider our garments has been blessed and prayer over.  It meant a lot to us.  We hope it means a lot to you.


These are just a few examples of what can be done.

♥     ♥     ♥     ♥

For all styles: 2XL add $2, 3XL add $4, 4XL add $6, 5XL add $8

- Hats:  6-Panel Low Profile Washed Twill Cap, 100% washed cotton twill, self-fabric closure with D-ring slider and tuck-in strap (one size - available in black, white, light pink, stone)$25 


 - T-Shirts:  Gildan 6.1 oz. Ultra Cotton Unisex (S-5XL*) (available in black, white, light grey, pink*up to 3XL), Ladies (XS-3XL) (available in black, white, pink, sport grey), Youth (XS-XL) (available in black, white, pink, light grey) 100% preshrunk cotton$25

           Gildan 2000L Women's 6.1 oz. Ultra Cotton® T-Shirt      Youth Sports Team T-Shirts

 - Denim Shirts:  Harriton Ladies (S-2XL) and Men’s (S-4XL) Long-Sleeve Shirts (available in light or dark denim) 6.5 oz., 100% cotton denim… $30

 Blue Generation Women's Ladies' Short Sleeve Premium Denim Shirt (BG8202) : Embroidery and Screen Printing from            Harvard Square HS150 100% Long Sleeve Classic Denim Shirt       Harvard Square 100% Long Sleeve Classic Denim Shirt HS150      

- Pique Polo: Gildan (S-3XL) (available in black, white, light grey) – Ladies (S-2XL) (available in black, white, pink, sport grey) 6.5 oz., 100% Ultra Cotton … $30

 Adult 6.5 oz. 50/50 Pique Sport Shirt Black   Wholesale Polo Shirts 3800 Gildan Adult Ultra Cotton Polo Shirt                 (Small Ribbon)

- Adult Sweatshirts:  Gildan Heavy Blend Adult Crewneck Sweatshirts (S-5XL*) (available in black, white, light grey*up to 3XL, light pink*up to 2XL), 7.75 oz., 50% Cotton/50% Polyester, Pill Resistant… $40

- Youth Sweatshirts:  Gildan Heavy Blend Youth Crewneck Sweatshirts (S-XL) (available in black, white, light grey, light pink), 7.75 oz. Heavy Blend, 50% Cotton/ 50% Polyester, Pill Resistant$40

          NEW Gildan - Crewneck Sweatshirt Light Pink-2XL                                      


Ribbon Line Options S-XL
Sizes XS-XL
Garment Color
Cancer Type / Disease
Personalization above Ribbon

Ribbon Line Options 2XL
Garment Color
Cancer Type / Disease
Personalization above Ribbon
Ribbon Line Options 3XL
Garment Color
Cancer Type / Disease
Personalization above Ribbon

Ribbon Line Options 5XL
Garment Color
Thread Color
Cancer Type / Disease
Personalization above Ribbon

- Ribbon Line Braille T-Shirts:  Gildan 6.1 oz. Ultra Cotton, 100% preshrunk cotton… $20 (pink only)      

 - Save the TaTas!   Ladies (XS-3XL) 

 - Please find a Cure Before I get Boobs! (no Braille) Toddler (4T), Youth (XS-XL)

 TaTa Totes: 8oz 100% Cotton Canvas $15  (pink only)


Save the TaTas
Please find a Cure

- Hand Wrought Sterling Silver Awareness Ribbon Pendants:  Swarovski Crystals are used to represent the different causes.  Includes gift box and silk cord … $44 (plus $5 shipping)


       Awareness                Gay Pride          Support our Troops      Patriotism

Cancer Type / Cause



List of all causes with awareness color association:

- Black - Melanoma Cancer
- Dark Blue - ARDS, Arthritis, Colon Cancer, Chrohn’s Disease, Epstein Barr Virus, Reye’s Syndrome, Victim’s Rights, among others
- Light Blue - Graves Disease, Lymphedema, Scleroderma, Thyroid Disease
- Brown - Colorectal Cancer, Anti-Tobacco
- Burgundy - Brain Aneurysm, Hospice Care, William’s Syndrome, Multiple Myeloma
- Gold - Childhood Cancer
- Gray - Diabetes, Mental Illness, Asthma Awareness, Aphasia, Brain Cancer, among others
- Green - Childhood Depression, Folic Acid Awareness, Celiac Disease, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia Awareness, Lyme Disease, Lymphoma Awareness, Organ Donor, and more
- Green and Blue - Down’s Syndrome
- Lavender Awareness - Cancer Awareness, Epilepsy Awareness, Gynecological Cancer, Rett Syndrome
- Orange - Juvenile Diabetes, Leukemia Awareness, Hunger Awareness, Lupus Awareness, Melanoma Awareness, Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy, and others
- Pearl - Lung Cancer, Emphysema, MS Awareness
- Peach - Uterine Cancer
- Periwinkle - Eating Disorder, Esophageal Cancer, GERD Awareness, IBS, Pulmonary Hypertension
- Pink - Breast Cancer
- Pink and Blue - Male Breast Cancer, SIDS Awareness, among others
- Pinstripe - ALS Awareness
- Purple - Alzheimer’s Disease, Animal Abuse, Cystic Fibrosis, Fibromyalgia, Pancreatic Cancer, Sarcoidosis
- Puzzle - Autism
- Red - HIV/AIDS, DARE, Heart Disease, MADD Awareness, among others
- Red and White - Head and/or Neck Cancer
- Red and Yellow - Hepatitis C
- Red, White, and Blue - WTC Victims, WTC Heroes, Fireworks Safety
- Silver - Parkinson’s Disease, YOPA Awareness, Children with Disabilities
- Teal - Myasthenia Gravis, Ovarian Cancer, Sexual Assault, Substance Abuse, Tourette Syndrome
- White - Bone Cancer, Child Exploitation, Retinoblastoma
- Yellow - Amber Alert, Bladder Cancer, Endometriosis, Liver Disease, Missing Children, POW and MIA Awareness, Spina Bifida, Troop and Military Support



The Ribbon Line
Wholesale Price List
(12 or more shirts)
(2XL add $2, 3XL add $4)

Hats and Tees - $18 each
Denim and Pique Sport Shirts - $22 each
Adult and Youth Sweatshirts - $30 each

Please note that wholesale items do not generate proceeds back as donations.

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